First Round Capital is changing the game for up and coming entrepreneurs.

According to an article recently posted on, First Round Capital (FRC) announced at the end of June that it would be putting out a publication called the First Round Review, the purpose of which will be to present “actionable knowledge” to newer, less experienced entrepreneurs on their fellow startups.  Josh Kopelman, a partner at FRC, told venturebeat that he hoped the new project would be similar to a “Harvard Business Review for startups.”  What makes this blog so different from others focusing on startups?  The article calls attention to that fact that instead of writing about what entrepreneurs are doing to be successful, the First Round Review will be focusing on how they are operating.

Kopleman is quoted as saying that FRC has a chance to “create an entirely new kind of publication, built for technology entrepreneurs, where they can learn how to build better companies.”  He also says he hopes this blog will allow entrepreneurs to learn from one another, to study the highs and lows of those already going through the process of building their own organization from the ground up.  “Our goal with First Round Review, Kopleman says, “is to curate this knowledge to make great things happen.”

Josh Kopleman is looking to provide an even playing field for young, inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Venture Capital blogs, the article states, are not a completely revolutionary idea.  Mark Suster is a blogger, investor, and entrepreneur in charge of Upfront Partners.  He told venturebeat that blogging is increasingly becoming a crucial part of the 21st century business model.

“We believe that our industry was too-closed door and secretive,” he says. “Why should investors know all of the tricks… while first time entrepreneurs operated at a disadvantage?”

Though others similar to Suster have been vocal in their embrace of VC blogging, FRC has consistently produced one of the most popular, widely-read blogs in the industry.  In their new release, First Round will be looking to provide content useful to entrepreneurs with regard to the numerous challenges they will inevitably face during the early stages of their startup venture.  They’ll strive to answer questions, the article reads, like ‘how should I go about firing someone?’ or ‘how do you create strong culture within the firm?’

The primary goal of the First Round Review, the article says, is to provide solid information and the expertise of veteran entrepreneurs and VC’s to young innovators, looking to suceed in a difficult economy.  According to venturebeat, the Review has featured writers and advisors from SurveyMonkey, Yammer, Pivotal Labs, PayPal, Asana, Box, Airbnb, Amazon, Twitter, and Intuit.

One of the biggest advantages of the Review, the article says, is that it is not strictly limited to First Round’s portfolio companies.  Anyone who is looking to build a successful business can seek and find information and advice, in the hopes the FRC can lend a hand to the newest generation of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs.