Marketing strategies have been changing year after year. From gorilla marketing to now digital marking where teams are going back into old media (movies, music videos) and digitally posting ads. Being a small business or entrepreneur marketing is a key facet of your company. But there are ways you can market yourself in-affectedly which can make your brand or yourself be seen in the wrong light. Here are a few tips from Fox Business to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

1. Be personable!

Having an online marketing presence is key since almost all companies and potential clients are apart of thisĀ .comĀ era. Many people and small businesses get wrapped up on social media, which is okay at times, but it is important to actually be personable and able to speak about the product or service; not just spit out facts and numbers.

2. Don’t only market yourself on social media!

Trying to only market or blog your product/company on Facebook or Twitter is a quick fix for marketing. It gets responses and visibility, but for how long? 1 hour? Two hours tops. Also, posting or marketing too frequently on social media will lead to your audience being annoyed which will lead to them unfollowing you! Not saying don’t post to social media, but posting to Taboola and Outbrain can diversify and market to many more people!

Marketing, Brevan Branham

Marketing, Brevan Branham

3. Do not take every opportunity, it can hurt you!

Contraire to popular belief, posting and marketing everywhere is not the best idea! A lot of blogs and online websites who want to potentially want to market you on their sites. Many of these sites are credible and hold value, but some of these blogs are not seen as valuable as your company and can actually depreciate the value of your brand!

4. Search Engine Optimization is key!

Making sure you optimize your social media marketing pages goes without saying, but making you optimize them well in terms of vanity URL, keywords, and tags. Google, (as well as other search engines) give authority to these well optimized sites, which in turn helps them rank higher in the long term and gain visibility. Although, making sure you are being optimized on credible sites, (tip #3) is important because if the site is not credible, your marketing page could drop on Google and could hurt the company!