bevans branham palm springs ps4 tech blogIf you were hoping for more hard drive space for your PlayStation 4, then you may be in luck. According to recently revealed FCC filings, Sony is working on newer and larger versions of the PS4. The FCC filings show one will come with 500GB of space, the same as the current model, and the other with 1TB of space. Both of the new models are expected to require less power and weigh a little less than earlier models.

As most already know, 500GB can be no match for the avid gamer who truly understands how quickly today’s games max out your space. Many have tried working around the space issue by opening the existing systems and installing their own larger and faster hard drives. This type of maintenance, however, is not ideal for most users. The newer, larger PS4’s will save you the hassle of breaking into and modifying your old one.

This is a beneficial move for both Sony and the users. As games progressively increase in size, more space is simply a necessity. Today’s games are some of the biggest ever developed in the industry. If you provide consumers with the proper tools for the existing market, everyone wins. As a business you want to sell more games, and what better way to boost your industry than by providing users with plenty of space on their PS4 for downloadable games.

More details are expected in a few weeks as we approach E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which will be hosted in Los Angeles this year.