bevans branham palm springs ca iphone appsThough technology is ever branching out into new frontiers, in many ways it’s becoming more unified at the same time. Apple’s iphone has become the platform for much of the latest technology, here’s a few worth checking out:

1. Bladepad. The Bladepad is a slide out game console and controller that allows you to do serious gaming on the ever handy iphone. It’s sleek design leaves your pocket unencumbered, and it’s compatibility with the iphone means that whether you’re riding the train, waiting on an appointment to begin, or have a date running late for dinner, at least you can play your games.

2. FLIR One. The FLIR One connects with your iphone to give you thermal imaging on the go. Whether you’re a secret agent or just want to feel like one, this is a pretty cool gadget.

3. Canary Home Security. The Canary Home Security system allows you to take control of your home security expeditiously from your iphone. Now you can say “goodbye” to the third party security company, and take your home security into your own hands.

4. Parrot Flower Power. Gardening would be so much easier if only we could communicate with plants, and now, we can come pretty close with the help of the Parrot Flower Power. When you stick this device into the soil, it sends information to you iphone regarding a respective plant’s health and needs. You’ll probably never have a conversation with your petunias, but at least now you can optimize their health!

5. Zeo Sleep Manager. With the Zeo Sleep Manager, diabetics can use their iphone to analyse and manage blood glucose, carbohydrate consumption, insulin intake, and exercise. Information can then be shared with family members and doctors through an iphone app.