Bevans Branham on Seth Godin InterviewSeth Godin is considered a marketing expert and innovator, credited by many marketers as an influential figure in how people think about marketing in the 21st century. With 17 bestselling books and what many people consider the most popular marketing blog in the world, American Way Magazine has considered Godin “America’s Greatest Marketer”.

Godin recently partnered up with, an international community of knowledge seekers, to release a repertoire of marketing comprehension as an online class called “Modern Marketing Workshop.” This class would act as an interactive way for students to understand a marketing framework to make the right decisions, measure the correct metrics, and fight for what they think matters.

In an interview with Forbes, Dan Schawbel catches up with Godin to ask him about the future of education, the marketing world today, and how to prosper in our current economy.

The first question Dan asks is weather the future of education is heading towards online education and who the winners and losers are. Godin explains that education now a day is about compliance and proving that students know how to obey. Online education “is offering classes for people who want to learn, instead of those being forced to comply. What it does is open the door for people who realize that gaining skills (as opposed to memorizing facts) is a shortcut to achieving their goals.” With this accessibility of education and freedom of education, motivated learners will take advantage of online education to learn problem solving and leadership skills, while lesser-known educational institutions might suffer from student backlash.

Dan’s next question has to do with why Godin decided to create this online class over writing another book or adding to his blog. Godin’s primary response is simple. He knows what his consumers need of him and he’s notices a large scale uptake in interactive online education. Another point Godin makes, “is that it’s hard to read a book ‘together’ but it’s really natural to take an online course together. What I learned from the first Skillshare course I did was that the people who got the most out of it were the ones who helped other students the most, who did the work and also contributed to others doing the work. Can’t do that with a book.”

The last crucial question Dan asks is what three marketing shifts in the last decade are crucial for an entrepreneur to know. Godin lists them: 1) Advertising and marketing are no longer the same thing. 2) All media is voluntary. 3) The network effect is the most powerful force in the world.