Super Bowl LogoIt’s the day after Super Bowl Sunday and if you’re like many viewers, you watched the game for one thing and one thing only: the commercials. This year, the price was set at $4.5 million for a 30 second spot. Seeing as the game kept viewers interested all the way through to the end of the game, the price seems like a good investment for advertisers no matter where the commercial ended up in the lineup. There were many great commercials throughout the game but the most notable, if you were to ask ad executives, was promoting NBC’s The Blacklist.

The Blacklist, whose midseason return happened right after the Super Bowl, was able to pull in a huge viewer base of 13.5 million this year. The only thing to really beat this was a few years ago when NBC premiered The Voice after the game which received a whopping 20 million viewers! Along with the surge of viewers from the post-bowl spot, The Blacklist is promoting itself with a national scavenger hunt in various cities around the U.S. Essentially, the show’s social media accounts will give viewers and fans clues to find doppelgänger of the show’s man character, Red Reddington, throughout their city. Lucky fans could win up to $500 for finding these look-alikes.

Though The Blacklist got a lot of hype from the Super Bowl this year, many other usual contributors didn’t. Since NBC raised the price of an ad spot this year many top brands who generally advertise publicly took their money elsewhere. Auto manufacturers Ford and GM were the most notable companies who decided that the money just wasn’t worth it for them this year. Since there was more room though, some businesses like Mophie and Loctite got a lot of mileage out of their advertisements. Though their commercials happened in the fourth quarter, since the game was a captivating one it didn’t really matter.

In the end, the advertisements were a huge success. NBC crammed the airwaves with promotions for its shows like Allegiance, The Voice, and The Blacklist. There were also many cross promotional advertisements for their other properties. The most apparent ones were for Furious 7, Ted 2, Pitch Perfect 2, and of course Fifty Shades of Grey (which comes out next Friday).

Overall, NBC made a bold move upping the price of a Super Bowl spot this year and many brands didn’t think that it would be worth it. Though for the companies that did take the plunge, the fact that the game was entertaining the entire way through made it a worth-while endeavor for those ads who were featured near the end of the game. Good work NBC!